Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bootie Babe Nail Polish in Blue Baboo - Review and Swatch

I never would've thought that Bootie Babe polishes could make people obsessed about the bottles, the word booty/bootie; but they have!

Not the best picture but I took this  to give you an idea of how it looks in sunlight.

Among the four polishes that I've, Blue Baboo  is easily the lowest on the scale of  'in your eye' shades.This is my favourite out of the four. Blue Baboo is a creme of the lightest shade of turquoise/blue. Although, the shade makes my hands look darker, I don't pay attention to such petty little details.

Much cleaner than the 1st pic.Taken in Sunlight.

Application, consistency. etc:
The application was smooth but not as smooth as Electric Lemon but its consistency is thicker than that of Electric  Lemon.Two coats will be fine. Finish was glossy so you don't *have to* apply a top coat but if you're looking for something with mirror finish, top coat will be required.

With flash and top coat.Looks a bit faded.

You can read the detailed review of these polishes here.

Price:  USD 4 for the 9.17 ml bottles
The new  15ml bottles with longer cap and improved design that will become available after some time.
You can buy it from Bootie Babe's Online Shop(They do ship internationally.)