Saturday, October 29, 2011

OPI Pamplona Purple Nail Lacquer Dupe

I am currently on a "I will leave no dupe un-found" spree and it has not been easy at all. Today, it is OPI Pamplona Purple's turn. I have been able to find only one shade which comes close to the pretty purple shade by OPI Fall 2009 collection.

Here is a swatch.

You can buy  OPI  here for 520 INR.

This is a similar looking shade from Deborah 7days long shade number 831. This shade is a bit lighter than Pamplona Purple.

Buy  Deborah 7Days Long here for 195 INR.

Tell me if you know of a similar and cheaper shade!

Disclaimer: I don't any of the above images.


  1. Streetwear Pearl Divine is a dupe to Layla Smalto 41. Inconsequential though.

    Revlon Steel Her heart is touted as Chanel Black Pearl dupe. I wouldn't bet my money on it.

    And I am pretty sure there is a Loreal Resist and Shine shade that would be close about dupe to OPI Plamplona purple.

    Oooh most interesting though has to be Inglot 304 which I think is very close to Zoya Happi, one of my most favourite polish ever. But Happi is pink-er.

  2. Even I thought there was a shade in L'oreal resist & shine which was similar to this but it turned out to be blue.....the name is Navy Velvet other than that, there is Royal Plum but even that looks very different.


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