Saturday, October 08, 2011

How to clean your dog's teeth?

You need to clean your pets teeth regularly specially if you give them stuff like sweets, biscuits, breads, etc to eat. These flour products stick to the teeth and initiate the decay of tooth. Humans are not affected by it because we brush our teeth once or twice a day. This is the main reason behind giving dogs or cats food or biscuits specially made for them.If you can brush their teeth around twice a week, it should be more than enough.

How to clean your dog's teeth?
  • In India, apart from the big cities it is not easy to find toothpaste for your pet. You cannot use the tooth pastes meant for humans for your pet because they are not supposed to be ingested.Usually, the toothpaste meant for people contain fluoride, potassium nitrate, etc which can cause harm on swallowing. It is nearly impossible to keep your pet ( canine or feline) from swallowing the toothpaste instead of spitting it out.Trust me! I have tried. There is an  variety of toothpaste available for pets which won't harm them in anyway. If you cannot find a toothbrush meant for your pet from the store, it is great but if you cannot find it, you can use baby brushes meant for kids.The bristles of such toothbrushes are very soft so they won't hurt the gum of your pet.
  • Another thing that my vet suggested was rinsing your dog's teeth with lukewarm water with two small particles of potassium permanganate.Don't let your pet swallow the solution.In small concentrations, potassium permanganate was even used in India to clean the water in the wells so I don't think it should harm.But like the vet said, used the solution to only rinse your pet's teeth.This method is mainly used if your dog has cavities.

This is very much of a home remedy. Take a Q tip and add a small drop of clove oil on one end.Squeeze out the extra oil and put it on the bad teeth/cavity. In case of cats, some of the essential oils are toxic so ask your vet about it first.In case of a dog, you can use clove oil but in very small quantity.Always consult your vet.