Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why it is better to read newspaper at night?

I have found a new obsession in terms of writing about the "Why..." series. I have even started asking my friends for suggesting some new ideas and if you have friends like I do, the only term which can be used to describe the situation is desperate. You see, I am pretty sure they don't even bother about suggesting something for themselves. Don't get me wrong but there is a line you have to draw in every friendship;in mine, it is asking for suggestion. Anyway, let me just tell you why you should read newspaper at night and yes this is only a suggestion. The why(s)-

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  • Usually everyone reads them in the morning, so there is fierce competition which you can avoid simply by choosing to read at night. Alternatively, everyone seems to read them in the morning, hence, you shouldn't in order to appear different.
  • Just because you're reading the newspaper in the morning, the news are not going to change. They will definitely not become better.
  • Reading about others' misery is not the ideal way to begin your day.(Here, I am assuming you're not  a sadist and your life is not all about vicarious pleasure.)
  • Reading about others' misery is not a good enough reason to get up in the morning and become a part of survival of the fittest  in the race to obtain the newspaper.(Yes, this is based on the assumption that you're sadistic enough to wake up in the morning to read about what went wrong the day before.)
  • In case you do derive some gross/remarkable/distinctive pleasure from reading about the misfortune of others, it can wait till night.You will be able to go to sleep feeling happy.
  • If you read newspaper in order to be able to showcase your talent of being aware about the haps and/or mishaps; don't worry, they don't usually  discuss it in depth everyday.There is an uncertainty factor involved where  everyone  except you decided to take interest in something that happened yesterday, at the very same time.
  • If you read so that you can get that job where they think it is vital if you know what is the Gross National Income, while you are still unemployed, hence not getting any share in that income,read it at night because if you get the job, you will be waking up early anyway.So, why bother today?
  • Save the newspaper for reading at night so that you can go to sleep with the happy thoughts of how you're still in a very good situation compared to ,let's say a few hundred million people?
  • Finally, save the newspaper for night for nothing makes you sleep as peacefully as reading.