Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Every Relation Has A Third Wheel.

I talk from personal experience, there is always a third wheel involved.You'll agree if you look around and notice your friends who are in a relationship,either it is you who is mediating or it is someone else.In my case, I have not only been the third wheel but in some cases a fourth as well.

Why avoid being the third wheel?
  • You'll always be in the middle of the an argument and there will ALWAYS be an argument.
  • You'll be left with no personal choices, it will be either you agree with them or you're not their friend.
  • They are not talking to each other but unluckily for you, you're talking to both of them.A huge cell phone bill Courtesy: Your Friends.
  • If you have a relationship of your own and you're still the third wheel, only god can save you, you'll have your own share of fights and you'll also have the fights which seep from their space to yours.
  • They fight at a restaurant  and you get embarrassed.Ugly?I know.Been there.
  • No personal life whatsoever.
  • You will be asked to quote back/confirm/deny the allegations since you were there,practically, all the damn time.

Why you should be a third wheel?

  • Ever heard them arguing? It can be so much fun at times! Specially, when you help out with planning the course of action.
  • They'll take you everywhere and even pay the bill.
  • You'll eventually lose your sanity and it won't hurt no more.

 Benefit: You learn what not to do while in a relationship.

Drawback:You'll forget every damn thing you learned when you do get into a relationship.

Until then, take care;)