Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Experience : The Four Fountain Spa

I got an opportunity to visit one of the Four Fountains Spa in Pune. I had heard a lot of good things about the one in our area from a friend who went their for a facial and her face was glowing (I am one of those who don't notice differences so, take my word for it).Anyway, when I finally went their in middle of a extremely hot Saturday afternoon.

I was not sure which treatment I would like to try so, I asked the staff for some suggestions. I ended up trying their new Summer Splash therapy which uses Swedish massage technique using  Aloe-Vera gel with Lime and Mint extracts(smelled great, btw).

They also suggest therapies based on your lifestyle, aches(if any) and stress levels. While waiting for them to prepare for the therapy, I noticed the reception had small wooden beads to massage your back and even the door handles were made of wooden rollers meant for massaging your hands.

After the therapy, they served green tea. While leaving, I was given a coupon for a free head massage if I came on a certain date for a therapy as well as a diet plan based on my lifestyle and a small tub of de-stressing gel. I have kept all of it very safely, so safe in fact that I need to now look for it.

However, I would like to have creamier body wash option after the treatment, just saying! On a more serious note, the whole range of therapies, facials, wraps are actually affordable. You can definitely treat yourself every once in a while!