Thursday, September 06, 2012

Book Review - Fifty Shades Trilogy

A friend of mine had ordered the Fifty Shades Trilogy from Flipkart (To check the books out click here) and she thought it was a murder mystery!! Anyway, I was just curious about the books in general so, I did some R&D because that's my OCD.

I read what Wikipedia had to say about it and then I just got curious-er so, I hunted for the books and found them as I was not keen on buying a copy myself when I didn't see myself reading it again.

About the Trilogy:

The story is about a 27 year old millionaire, Christian Grey who had a troubled childhood and was later adopted into a loving family. He falls for a recent college graduate (Anastasia Steele) who comes to interview him. The first book captures their journey from a Dom-Sub relationship to that of equals(more or less). The second book has them  getting married, dealing with insecurities( specially that of Christian's) and a nut case who is obsessed about Grey.The third book has Christian putting some of his ghosts from the past, to rest and Anastasia playing superwoman when she tries to take on the nut-case alone.

I do like how Anastasia's characters grows into a strong individual who would go ahead and do what she thinks is right!

The book is an erotic novel about BDSM lifestyle and can I just say, I almost felt like I had been living under a rock. Kinky doesn't even begin to cover it!!

The first book was definitely an eye-opener for me (considering how I live beneath a rock) but by  the second and third book, things became a monotonous and well, a bit boring. Now, that very well might be a personal opinion since the book has driven millions of people crazy which has in turn, made it a best-seller.I ended up skipping a lot of pages and just reading the actual story. The actual story couldn't hold its ground for 3 whole books.

I like thrillers and that too, the well researched spy ones, so this is definitely not my thing but you cannot deny the detailing the James has done for the books.

Finally, this is very much of a take it or leave it kind which is why I am not rating it since, this is definitely not my genre.

P.S.- You can obviously turn this book into a self-help guide or something....I'm just sayin.....