Monday, November 28, 2011

Haul Three Times!

I shop *a lot* from Urbantouch mainly because I like their service( my debit card doesn't!). Except my first order ( which they sent to Coimbatore!?!) every order has reached me on time. I *think* I have ordered three times this month ( I am in no mood to confirm by checking my bank statement). The new black boxes have a lot of variations size-wise.
Urban Touch Boxes in 3 sizes

What's new?
This time they sent me samples I could actually use.Yay?
They have started sending samples on order above 200INR(Previously, they sent it on orders above 500 from what I remember!)
Free shipping on orders above 300 INR.
And, if they send you a surprise gift (on every 500 INR  that you spend)  No Samples at all!!!!! (Hmph!)

This is the first time, since they launched the gift for every 500 offer that I have bothered about taking the total over the limit otherwise getting something from Vadi was not inviting enough.

The Surprise Gift!!

Samples x 3 with two previous orders

What I bought:
  • Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser( Missing in the picture)
  • Aroma Magic Oxy Pack
  • Hiphop Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes
  • Lotus Honeymoist Cleansing Bar
  • Fabindia Khus Soap( I buy more Fabindia products from UT than from Fabindia's store!)
  • Fabindia Coconut Almond Body Butter
  • Fabindia Vitamin E Night Cream for Dry Skin( Not meant for me but I will still review it.)
  • Neutrogena Hand Cream( I am obsessed about hand creams)
  • RevAyur Foot Cream
  • Lotus Herbals Jojoba Face Wash( Free.Yay!)


  1. you truly love urbantouch :) great haul hun :)

  2. nice haul emm...............

  3. @Namita If they only loved me back and gave more discounts :P but I liked them better without the minimum limit of 300... specially now when offers free shipping over 250 and over 100 bucks

    @Ani Spending money sure feels nice;)

  4. you got a lotus facewash free :O and all of us are stuck with vaadi undereye cream.. :P and btw your post reminds me of how bankrupt i am :P

  5. Deeps I knowwwwwwwwwwww!! I was thinking if they send me some Vadi stuff this is the last time I order...I guess they started sending stuff from Lotus and Vedic line because of everybody complaining. Btw, what are you doing with the cream??? I have been using it on my feet:P
    *Hi5* now, I am too:(

  6. great haul!

    U got a pretty blog!

    Following u now!


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